Alex Grey. Explaining Everything. Without Words.

I guess I should have known
I shouldn't have been surprised,
Yet I could not believe
the images in front of my eyes!

Mystic Wonder
In technicolor form
This man has talents I thought,
Way above the norm!

I could've stayed for hours
marveling at his form
observing his artistic powers 
made my heart feel warm!

If you haven't seen the show,
You better make your way
to the Art galleries of West Chelsea
You won't regret the day!

Also currently featured at this gallery is the work of Pablo Amaringo. He has a similar style to Alex Grey, and yet is completely different in his execution. His current show is called Shamanic Illusion. See photos below...


It's location is 529 W20th Street between 10th and 11th avenues. Please go. You will be glad you did!


Apparently "Hella" is the new school cool

Whats up my peeps that be hella chill
I wish you were chillen
up on my window sill... 

Hanging out
Groovin' out in the sun
Cause you being around
makes life hella fun!


Upchuck: Albany Bulb

Deconstructed construction 
has been living here
Reconstructed again 
by people with cheer.

Exists for those struggling
with existence themselves,

No worries, no fears
only art full of vision
Come see for yourself
then make your decision. 

I guarantee a good time
and adventure for all
and you know the best part?
You don't spend a dime!

Albany Bulb is located just outside of Berkeley in Albany, located in the East Bay. Definitely worth a visit when in the area, and my advice? Find Mad Mark's Castle, they knew the spot. For more pictures check out my facebook!



You could
have walked

The opposite 
side of Vine.

you parade
your life
past my soul.

It is shredded
into thousands
of little pieces

and disperses 
itself into

the craters 
of Mind.

Never to return.
at all costs.

-Ailee John



For those of you who are slackers and missed my first post regarding Indian Rock you can find that here. For those already in the know here are some pictures of Indian Rock by day. Great place to come and have a picnic while taking in the beauty of the surrounding Bay. Also lots of fun to come and watch those who boulder and rock climb!

Magical, Mystical, Surreal for sure...
Steps carved right in
but without a door

Anxious Ascent 
and then you can see
the Bay by day in all its glory!

Telegraph but mainly CREAM

Why hello! my inquisitive viewers! Hope your day wherever you are has been enjoyable :)

I'm here to bring you updated info on my journey of a lifetime through Berkeley CA and the entire BAY area. 

Today's agenda:

Telegraph Avenue 

is an awesome place to spend the day. Street vendors are plentiful from hand made silver jewelry to patches, henna, tie-dye and the like! It's all very exciting. Not to mention you can head to MARS... not the planet your probably thinking of but the perfect planet for die-hard vintage lovers. And the best thing about MARS? Thrift store prices! -- Okay so not completely "thrift" store prices but definitely excellent prices for almost pristine condition vintage clothing. (Hell yeah my clothing junkies I know you be appreciating that) 

There's also great bookstores that buy, sell and trade books of all sorts such as Shakespeare Bookstore. I have been to all the head shops on Tele and I definitely recommend Big Al's (boss) they have got great locally blown creative and artistic pieces. 

For the music lovers there's Rasputin a music store selling new and used CDs and DVDs at great prices. Not just your run of the mill stuff either. Great rare rock and roll versions can be found for the likes of the Rolling Stones, Hendrix, Beatles etc. This place is truly a music lovers paradise. If you're making a special trip in, call the store, sometimes on occasion live performances take place on the 2nd (loft) floor. Raleigh's across and down the street is a great local bar with its own beer and a young college atmosphere. Visit here on your 21st birthday but be prepared to chug your pint of free Guinness ON the bar. 

There's so much funky fun to unravel on this road but one of my favorites since arriving in the Bay Area is CREAM Ice Cream Shop standing for Cookies Rule Everything Around Me. Here you can find fresh baked perfectly soft cookies and eccentric ice cream! Just 2$ for an ice cream cookie sandwich, AND bonus: you can pick different types of cookies YUM! My personal favorite? Cinnamon Caramel ice cream between 2 butter sugar cookies OOOOOH WEEEEEE !!

Oh and for those NY fans... there's a Chipotle too!

Pleasant day to you! Check back soon :)


As Promised...

The sunset/moon rise at Indian Rock was super stunning!

i promised to bring
pix to the peeps
so imma keep
my promises
i speak


Mind blowing experiences left and right in the Bay of CA ALLL DAYYY :)

Stay tuned pawty people


What to do in the Bay Area? Why, love life of course!

Greetings my fellow earthlings..

It is another beautiful day in the bay and I am loving life.
There's nothing here to cause any person strife.
I recommend to all no matter far or near,
And when you come in to visit you will leave here
Full of Cheer!!


I plan to go to a place called Indian Rock in the not so distant future but could possibly be more distant than I know... it is a place from which you can see all other places, ponder over faces, or even to create some real nice spaces.

I should have some photos for you soon :)

Enjoy your place, wherever it is!